Introducing ATG UV WF UV Range

The WF range is the next generation of aquatic medium pressure UV systems designed specifically for the swimming pool industry. 

The WF design, also known as the Wafer due to its unique UV chamber design, will offer the most compact UV system available in the aquatics market today.  At around a third of the size of comparative UV systems, and with significantly reduced maintenance space, the WF series promises to offer easy to install and retrofit solutions, that will fit the tightest of plant rooms.  

Whist the WF range is designed to be the most compact UV system on the market, its hydraulically optimised reactor design and leading polychromatic lamp technology will also make it one of the most efficient and best performing.  As a minimum, the WF range will provide a 99.9% reduction of chlorine resistant microorganisms such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. 

Some of the Advantages

· Very short lead times (three weeks from order confirmation to despatch)

· Easier and quicker service and maintenance, owing to new automatic wiper design

· Only two lamp types to stock

· Electro-polishing of chambers is standard – reduced risk of corrosion in very hot andhumid pool plant rooms

· Less expensive Super Duplex chamber options for salt water electrolysis treatment, or for sea water pools (we aim to get list prices for Super Duplex)

· IP65 ingress protection for the chamber is standard (where plant equipment is washed down with a hose)

· Simple and safe lamp removal (Twistlok) without the need for an electrician

· Clamp ring design avoids risk of quartz sleeve fracture caused by over-tightening

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