New Reverse Osmosis Plant for Pacific T&R

A new Reverse Osmosis plant has been commissioned for Pacific T&R at their Taupo production site to supply treated water to the newly purchased steam boiler installed on site.  

In 2013, Pacific T&R began to build a state-of-the-art plant in Taupo, New Zealand that will produce terpenes and rosin extracted from pine stumps.

Rosin is used in a range of markets as a tacifier or an emulsifier (e.g. adhesives, printing ink, binders, and soda). Terpenes are used principally in fragrances and flavours. The market for these pine chemicals is global and a large proportion of Pacific T&R’s products will be exported.

Pine stumps are the raw material for the extraction process which will be sourced from local sustainably managed plantation pine estates.

WaterPRO is excited to partner with Pacific T&R in this exciting new venture.