Packaged UV Systems

Emergency turn-key UV Container.jpg

The need for more efficient and innovative UV solutions is becoming a high priority throughout the water treatment industry. atg UV Technology offer a range of prefabricated, turn-key, skid mounted UV plants that offer a quick and easy installation solution for drinking water applications.

A typical pre-fabricated solution UV skid package includes:

  • 100% Duty UV Chamber

  • 100% Standby UV Chamber

  • 316L Stainless Steel Pipework

  • Automatic + Battery Pack Isolation Valves

  • Hygienic Sampling points

  • Flow meters

  • UVT monitors & Instrumentation backboard

  • Local control panels

  • Junction Boxes (at skid edge)


• Tailored to exact client specification

• Cost and program certainty

• Manufactured in a factory environment

• Consistently high quality finish

• Reduced site deliveries and waste

• Promotes sustainability

• Reduced construction and time on-site

• Plug and play installation

• Improved Health and Safety

• Hassle-free operation and maintenance