Polymer Preparation Systems

The EASYPURE range of polymer preparation systems from Lutz Jesco are designed for fully automatic continuous preparation of powder and liquid polymer dosing solutions.   

The EASYPURE range is available from 500 litres/hour through to 10,000 litres/hour and are custom built to meet our customers exact requirements from mainly in house manufactured components.  A large range of accessories are available ensuring ease of use and simplicity in maintenance and operation.  

The EASYPURE systems are designed to be the most economical and efficient German design with component quality and low maintenance costs being the main design drivers.  A range of accessories are available including:

  • Feed hopper / Funnels
  • Agitator for the dosing chamber 
  • Filling pump for the liquid polymer 
  • Post-dilution systems
  • Vacuum for transfer of dry powders
  • Rotary Feeders & Eccentric screw pumps

Also available are:

  • Tunnel machines
  • Two-tier systems 
  • Inline mixing stations
  • Manual mixing stations
  • Polymer dose pumps and controllers