Inline Chlorination (Food & Beverage, Industrial)

Multiple projects - disinfection installation to achieve FAC maintenance dosing for microbial control. The programmable Jesco LP series pump doses according to desired concentration on receiving a water meter pulse signal. Operated at high FAC levels for super-chlorination or simple low-level residual chlorination for long-term compliance.

fonterra carbon filters

Fonterra Waitoa Carbon Filtration

WaterPro recently supplied, installed and commissioned a complete turn key carbon filtration system to treat up to 100 m3/hour.  The plant is designed to reduce chlorine concentration in the feed water to a Ultra Filtration plant.  For more information on Carbon Filters please contact Mike Bloy on +64 27 533 8447 or 

Dairy Factory - Central North Island - Reverse Osmosis Plant

Waterpro supplied and commissioned a Reverse Osmosis plant for a North Island Dairy factory.  Silica needed to be removed from the feed water to the steam generator as it was scaling of the heat transfer areas was occurring. 

The new Reverse Osmosis is producing 6 m3/hour of Silica free water using Hydranautics membranes and two stage design to ensure Silica remains below 0.5 ppm as SiO2.  

Reverse Osmosis to remove Silica is a cost effective method and requires reduced chemical use, but attention to cleaning intervals needs to be a consideration.  Regular cross flow of the membranes will ensure longer periods between CIP along with proper conservative design.  

The Reverse Osmosis plant has been supplied with a CIP system to clean the membranes in place when required, however to date this has not been required.  


Dairy Factory Central South Island

Waterpro supplied, installed and commissioned two Reverse Osmosis skids for removal of Nitrates from the dairy factory feed water.  The installation provides up to 120 m3/hour of water with a Conductivity of < 5 micro siemens, and free of Nitrates.  

The plant is split into two skids providing either duty/standby or duty/duty configuration depending on factory demand for treated water. The plant is fully automatic and requires little operator input. The CIP process is fully automatic.