Reverse osmosis units (RO units)

Reverse osmosis is used for production of demineralized water without use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Typical applications for RO include boiler houses, industrial process, hospitals, dialysis centres, laboratories, and process water in the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical industry.  RO units remove pyrogenics as well as bacteria and cause no wastewater problems. Reverse Osmosis systems generally remove up to 90% of the organic substances and retain 98-99% of the salt in the water


Storage and handling of acid and caustic are avoided. The units are extremely space-saving thanks to the compact design. The plants are of high quality, need minimum maintenance, and the reliability of operation is very high.

Standard RO Systems

Flow rates for our standard module range is 50 l/h - 150 m³/h. RO plants are either produced as standard modules or custom-made according to specific requirements. The units comprise selected components of high quality. They are automatic with electronic water quality monitoring.

Custom-made plants

There are many possibilities for custom-made solutions. Nearly all parameters and components can be varied and combined. Waterpro has great experience in producing RO pipe systems in many types of materials such as PP, PE, PVDF, and stainless steel. The foundation and frame, too, can be delivered in stainless steel. 

Containerised plants are also a specialty with full fit out into new or refurbished containers available. These plants can be shipped directly to site and plumbed to the network to provide instant water.