WaterPro provides chemicals, technologies, services and equipment for water treatment.

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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling water treatments

When corrosion, deposition and microbiological growth occur in cooling towers, heat exchangers and chill water systems, they can lead to flow restrictions, reduced operating efficiency, higher maintenance costs and unscheduled outages. To help maintain the reliability and performance of industrial cooling systems, WaterPro offers state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems and a full line of cooling water treatment solutions that work at various pH levels and with different water chemistries.

boiler water treatments

Whether your objective is to improve production, extend equipment life or protect plant assets, you can count on WaterPro and Solenis to provide a cost-effective solution that addresses your boiler treatment needs.

WaterPro distribute Solenis technically advanced boiler water treatment chemicals which have been scientifically formulated to improve the operation and maintenance of industrial boiler systems and steam generation plant by proactively managing the problems associated with the use of water including scale formation, metallic corrosion, boiler water carryover and sludge deposition.

Our high performance boiler water chemicals include single-shot multifunctional treatment products, scale and corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, alkalinity builders, sludge conditioners, condensate line treatments and more.

Boiler Water Treatment

Closed Loop Water Treatment


To ensure that your closed system is well maintained and operates at optimum efficiency it is essential that the correct water conditions are maintained at all times.

WaterPro can provide a wide range of services and treatment chemistry based around BS8552:2012. A full range of services are offered including pre commissioning cleaning, passivation, flushing, dosing and reporting.