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WaterPro provides water treatment and disinfection solutions

Working for 10 years throughout New Zealand we work with our International partners delivering innovate best in class solutions for water treatment applications.

Our products and solutions assist our customers to achieve compliance, safety and lower environmental impact


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Drinking Water Compliance

ATG UV EVOQUA has one of the largest product ranges available from any UV System manufacturer in the world. Validation to US EPA UVDGM provides a highly flexible UV system that can often reduce both CAPEX and OPEX costs by over 50%.

Lutz Jesco Dose Pump Panel

Custom or Standard designs skid systems

LUTZ JESCO have manufactured dosing pumps and accessories for over 50 years. Manufactured and designed in Germany, the range is extensive to meet a wide range of dosing applications. From a dosing pump and accessories off the shelf through to a full custom dosing skid, WaterPro can meet your requirements.

WaterPro Service ATG UV

More safety, ensure compliance

WATERPRO offer a range of services for Drinking and Industrial Water compliance and advice. From calibrations, equipment service to chemical analysis we have a team of skilled engineers ready to assist our customers.


ATG-UV systems are used for disinfection but can also be used for ozone destruction and total organic carbon (TOC) reduction. The systems are highly efficient, easy to maintain and the flexible design accommodates new installations or retro-fit solutions. ATG-UV systems have been validated for performance per rigorous industry specific standards for drinking water, water reuse and recreational water applications.


LUTZ-JESCO the name synonymous with quality has manufactured dosing pumps and associated equipment for over 50 years in Germany. A wide range of dosing pumps, solenoid, motor or stepper motor driven covers most applications. Lutz-Jesco also innovates with a range of controllers, gas chlorination and water treatment disinfection systems.


Water Compliance

WaterPro delivers water treatment projects. With a broad range of products and experience we design, build and implement compliant solutions to meet the most stringent standards and quality requirements.